Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Top Five - @SessionBlogger

Those beautiful people at @LPGrp have asked their twitter followers to gas about their Top 5 albums of 2012 in a blog post. So, without further ado, and in descending order to provide a bit of excitement (even though you're just going to scroll down to No.1 first to have a peak - that's what I'd do anyway!) here are mine :

5. 'Other People's Problems' by Breton
I feel Breton were cruelly denied a shot at the Mercury Prize with this album as it's a beauty. There's nothing I've heard in the last few years that compares to it genre-wise. I suppose, if you're looking for a comparison, they sound a bit like the Audio Bullys, only better. Oh and there's a new band called The Neighbourhood but they're nowhere near as good.

If you want a starting point, listen to their song 'Jostle', it's a corker.

4. 'Django Django' by Django Django
A fellow Blogger introduced me to this lovely band and we went to see them together at Xoyo in London earlier in the year. When I first heard 'Waveforms' and 'Default' they blew me away and live they're equally as good.

Unfortunately there's no massive Django Django love-in in my household as my wife just reckons they're a Beta Band / Hot Chip rip off. I can definitely see similarities, to be honest, and it will be interesting to see what direction they go in on their next album.

3. 'Given to the Wild' by The Maccabees
Released around the same time as the Django Django album, this was less instant than that but after a few listens I couldn't put it down.

Apart from the obvious classics on there like 'Pelican', 'Ayla' and 'Feel to Follow', songs like 'Forever I've Known' are just so beautiful. I just love the way their music builds up slowly and then...erm...ahem...goes sort of 'pow!'

Anyway, moving swiftly on...

2. 'Jake Bugg' by Jake Bugg
Again, I was introduced to Jake Bugg's 'Lightning Bolt' by a fellow Blogger on twitter (aren't blogging & twitter great?!) and I haven't looked back since. Again it was so fresh sounding and just didn't sound like anything else around at the time.

I was so excited about the album release, the most excited I've been about a release in ages, and it didn't disappoint. How someone so young can write something that good is beyond me.  My songwriting skills at that age were pants (still are, to be honest). It's surely already an early contender for next year's Mercury Prize. I reckon Foals will win that though - you heard it here first!*

*please comment below if you've heard this statement elsewhere and I will adjust the number. Thank you for your co-operation.

1. 'Standing at the sky's edge' by Richard Hawley
What an amazing album, eh?! The only thing that would have stopped Mr. Hawley winning this accolade would have been if Cashier No. 9 had delayed the release of 'To the Death of Fun' by 6 months and released it in 2012 instead (that's my most listened to album this year). But it would be unfair to bring that up, even though I already have. Let's move on, shall we?

This album has everything - dirge like guitar sounds ('Leave your body behind you'), beautiful ballads ('Seek it') and two opening songs around the 7 minute mark, without any boring filler bits between them - you don't get that very often nowadays, do you?! But Mr. Hawley pulls it off.

Oh and live, Richard (can I call you, Richard?) is amazing, one of the best live acts I've seen and bloody funny too. After I saw him play Brixton in September, I tweeted how much I loved him (in a man crush kind of way). He never replied, don't blame him. Unfortunately the restraining order means I'll never be able to see him live again but that night will remain here forever *taps heart*

So, there you have it. Thanks for reading and, if you haven't heard any of the above, I recommend you give them a whirl.

Before I go I'd like to thank my wonderful hosts for having me on their blog.

God bless @LPGrp and all who follow them.


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