Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Concept

March’s @lpgrp theme is ‘concept album’. 

For the nomination stage this month, there are a couple of one-off changes to the usual routine. First, each person can nominate one album instead of two. I’m happy to be proved wrong, but I’m hoping a shorter shortlist (just this month) will result in less quibbling whether a certain album is actually a concept album or not. 

Also, I’d appreciate it if each nomination was accompanied by a brief mention in brackets of what the concept of the album actually is. This’ll be quite interesting and educational, I reckon – and may push people to discover new material purely by being tempted by an unusual concept. 

Send your nomination via a Direct Message to @lpgrp or via a tweet ordnaire that mentions @lpgrp. 

The deadline for your nominations is 6pm on Sunday 10th February. I can then draw up a shortlist for voting. I shall issue more details about voting on Sunday night. 

Thanks, all. 

PS A few links:

Wikipedia's list of concept albums (handle with care!)

Songfact's Top 10 Concept Albums (some decent pages of comments)


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