Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Evening all...

July’s @lpgrp theme is ‘1981’ so I'll be taking votes for records with an original release date of 1981.

This month will be a straight vote with no nomination process. I'll take up to 5 votes from everyone. Please rank in order of preference.

First preference will receive 5 votes, second preference will receive 4 votes and so on. Please send votes either by DM or twitter mention.

Deadline for voting will be 8pm on Wednesday 19 June. Listening session will take place on Sunday 7 July at 9:00pm.

Thanks very much – looking forward to receiving your votes.

PS Here are some links to 1981 album lists. These might jog your memory a tad.

Rate Your Music's Best of 1981 - Quite a lot of 'metal' to plough through. Huge list though.

Slicing Up Eyeballs Best of 1981 - More of a 'college rock' feel to this list.

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