Monday, 30 December 2013

Best of 2013 - John Grant's Pale Green Ghosts

Thanks, @reev0 for penning this piece about John Grant's follow-up to Queen of Denmark.


John Grant followed up his much-admired debut album with a left turn in terms of production - half of Pale Green Ghosts boasts a heavy electronic sheen. What hasn't changed is the heart he wears on his sleeve and his use of surprising, left-field lyrical turns that undercut any risk of a depressing listen and elevate this to something very special. Surprisingly, both Grant's albums understate the powerful voice that he uses to full effect in his wonderful live shows (his show in Cambridge was my favourite gig of 2013), but it's still a potent weapon. And even a heart of ice would be moved by Glacier, the album closer that tells how he has overcome pain and criticism. This isn't quite my favourite album of the year, only because a couple of the most heavily electronic tracks still haven't won me over; but Grant is far and away my favourite artist.

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