Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wrong Speed

The theme for @lpgrp’s March session is ‘John Peel’s Record Collection'.

The listening session will be 9pm, Sunday 2nd March. 

First, we need to create a shortlist. Please send me the name of two albums you’d like to nominate. Use a direct message or a tweet mentioning 'lpgrp' to contact me. Your deadline is 6pm, Friday 14th February. Once the shortlist is ready, I’ll publish details about how to vote. 

You can nominate any album from the John Peel Archive which can be found here

Alternatively, you can nominate an album by any act that's played a Peel session. See here for an exhaustive list. 

And you can also vote for any album by an act featuring in a Peel Festive 50. See here for lists galore. 

I'm aware that this is a broad theme but, heck, it's John Peel - he played a really broad range of music for decades.

Thank you.

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