Sunday, 25 January 2015


Evening all...

Sorry there's been such little activity emanating from LP Group recently. Without going into details, I've had other stuff to think about and I needed time away from Twitter generally. I'm happy to be back as @coleser (I have so many lovely friends who I'd missed) but I'm not sure I'm up to organising monthly polls for the foreseeable future.

Is there anyone who'd like to take over the reins for a bit? If a few people offered to organise a month each, that would be jolly. I'd love there to be a Best Album of 2014 vote - I'd be very curious as to what would win! Is anybody interested in masterminding the 2014 poll?

Future months? There are only three more themes left to tick off (see here). What about the rest of the year? There are a few years that could be done (1968 was a recent success) and a few record labels we haven't tackled (I always like those polls). I did think that @lpgrp stalwarts could have a month each. Each stalwart could produce a shortlist of 25 albums and we all vote from that list. There's life in the old dog yet I reckon. Sadly, I  can't devote myself to it any longer but would love to join in with future sessions.

Views, offers of advice, opinions - all welcome!

Lots of love


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